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Last updated: 31/03/2024 20:57


  • Instance Operator - The person(s) running an instance of Liberatube.
  • PII - Personally Identifiable Information

Basic Information

  • The Instance Operator is responsible for handling data subject requests.

Data Collection and Usage

1.1 User Data

  • Liberatube does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) from its users.
  • No tracking, ads, or data collection occurs within Liberatube.
  • Liberatube utilizes the Invidious API, which implements mechanisms to bypass Google’s data collection practices and enhance user privacy.

1.2 Account System

  • Liberatube offers user accounts to store user settings and playlists.
  • Account creation requires only a username and password.
  • No additional PII is collected during account creation.
  • Upon deletion of your account, all associated data is permanently erased.

1.3 Usage Analytics

  • Liberatube does not track user behavior or collect analytics data.

1.4 Third-Party Services

  • Liberatube does not integrate with any third-party services that collect user data.

2.1 Use of Liberatube

  • We take no responsibility for the use of Liberatube or any external instances provided by third parties.
  • Users are strongly encouraged to comply with valid official regulations in their respective countries.

2.2 Inappropriate Use

  • We refuse liability for any inappropriate use of Liberatube, such as illegal downloading.
  • Liberatube is provided as free, open software, and users should exercise responsible and legal usage.