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List of verified Instances

URL Type Version MiTM Country Hosted By Source Stable v1.8 Cloudflare United Kingdom GoldDominik893 Unmodified Beta Development Cloudflare United Kingdom GoldDominik893 Unmodified

UptimeRobot for all verified instances:

All instances on this list are considered trustworthy as they have been checked.

We reserve the right to take an instance off this list if we believe there is a good reason to do so.


All instances must follow the following criteria to be listed:

  • Served via a domain name
  • Served over HTTPS
  • Properly configured
  • Uptime of at least 80%
  • Is up to date with the latest version (allow 30 days upon release of a new version under releases tab on GitHub)
  • A man in the middle such as Cloudflare needs to be stated
  • If your source code is modified the URL must be stated

If your instance matches the criteria, you can Open the New public instance proposal form.