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Liberatube all started when YouTube got banned in my school. My friends and I wanted to get past the filter and thats when it started, it was called "Bad YouTube", I made a working version in only one night where you could search YouTube using keywords and then use a YouTube video link to go to an external site and download it as an mp4. Then I stumbled upon Invidous, and had taken a look how it works, then I started to make "Bad YouTube" even better by supplying the video directly on the website, no need for downloads. I didn't indend for any harm using it, until it spread and many were using it, which would obviously raise alarm bells for the IT team and it did. Ever since then I stopped playing the game as it wasn't worth getting in trouble for. Now "Bad YouTube" is called Liberatube and serves the purpose as a better way to access YouTube without all the Ads and Spyware from Google.

How it works

In newer versions, Liberatube does not use any Google or YouTube API's, but uses the Invidious API to get all of the data from YouTube.